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Guidelines for E - Poster

Important Information :
1. The Poster Presenters are hereby informed that acceptance of Posters on spot or at the venue will not entertained hence it is requested to submit your Posters beforehand latest by 10th November 2017. If you are using video as well for poster the video file need to be sent along with the poster by email as mentioned below.

An electronic poster (E-Poster) is a poster in PowerPoint format, allowing the inclusion of movies, and other multi-media formats, and presenters are encouraged to take advantage of the versatility of this medium. All multi-media E-posters will be presented at numbered 42” LCD TV monitors (placed in landscape position) in the main poster display area.

You will be informed of your program number as well as your monitor assignment before the meeting. However, when you arrive at the meeting, check the program to confirm the day, time and monitor for your presentation, in case there have been last minute changes.

Presentation Duration :

Each E-poster will be allotted with 6 minutes slot, where you are kindly asked to be present to discuss your poster with other participants.

All computers in the poster area are exactly the same and come standard with:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Microsoft PowerPoint (Office 2010 or 2016)

The recommended video formats are

MOV (.mov) – QuickTime movies are the least compatible and are discouraged MPEG4-AVC using H.264/AAC (.mp4)

Windows Media Video (.wmv)

AVI (.avi) – a limited number of CODEC is supported.

A note to Apple Macintosh users:

• The PowerPoint file must have the .ppt or .pptx suffix to be accepted.

Instructions for creating your electronic poster:

When creating your PowerPoint electronic poster, the preferred Font is Verdana, Tahoma or Arial at a 26-28 point font size MINIMUM. We recommend you submit the poster as a PowerPoint file rather than a PDF or jpg. Your poster presentation should not exceed more than 5-6 slides. This way if there are glaring mistakes with the formatting we can attempt to correct them. The posters need to be 16:9 ratio formats. Please follow instructions carefully. These instructions are to make the Power Point presentations ready for presentation. There will be NO audio on these presentations.

Your E-Poster file (full version) must be sent to 65th ISACON 2017( by 10th November 2017 to assure availability at the computer stations at the meeting. Once the deadline has passed it will not be possible to submit your electronic poster. If you have questions, concerns or if you are unable to provide the file in the format requested please let us know as soon as possible. PLEASE do not change the size of the e-poster template, as it is sized and designed to fit the presentations screens.


The aim of the electronic poster is to display your work in a concise form, enabling conference attendees to grasp the essentials of the subject in a reasonable time frame. Brevity and clarity are the essence of a good electronic poster. Relevant images can be added to illustrate where appropriate; please ensure that any graphics used are of a good standard. High quality images or illustrations are valuable methods for conveying information. It is important to ensure correct placement of the images relative to the text to enable smooth reading of the poster. Where reference is made to equipment or pharmaceutical products the correct manufacturer and trade name should be used. Electronic presentations, as with all presentations at 65th ISACON 2017 should be non-commercial and non-promotional in nature.